Ulysses in real life

i had mentioned that if Dublin were to burn to the ground, they would be able to rebuild it using Ulysses. Dublin is essential to the book. The main character spends his day roaming around the city, so it’s always cool to see the actual places that are mentioned in the book.

the book begins with some of the characters in a place called Sandycove…and off to sandycove we went!

our stopImage
haha i wonder what “antisocial” behavior entailsImage
this is on our walk from the train to the martello tower (also in the book) it’s now a museum dedicated to joyce and ulyssesImage
it’s the actual key! EEEE!ImageImage
this reoccurs throughout the novel and it was real! Image
the super steep and narrow staircase up to the topImage
if you’ve read ulysses, you would know that Stephen stays in the tower with Buck Mulligan and Haines. Buck Mulligan was based off of St. John Gogarty and this is where he and Joyce really stayed. Image
haha it’s the panther. in the book, stephen dedalus is awakened bc Haines is having night terrors and dreams that a panther is after him. buck mulligan comes into the room and tries to assuage haines. he does this by shooting his gun and pretending that he is killing the panther. this actually did happen between joyce, st. john gogarty, and the other dude. the only thing is that joyce had outstayed his welcome and gogarty shot the gun a couple inches above where joyce’s head was in the next room. he got so pissed he left in the middle of the night and walked back to dublin. took him like 2 hours i believe.Image
for our scavenger hunt, we had to re-enact a scene from the first episodeImage
top of the martello towerImage
AHHHH so prettyImage
that island thing in the back is Howth…pronounced hothe. it’s also in ulysses. couldnt go there because there’s a fire thats raging. why? because freaking there hasnt been rain in like a month. NEVER happens in ireland…of course itd happen when we comeImage
dublin’s flag flying highImage
what’s with ireland and these crazy staircasesImage
we also went to sandymount strand…a couple of stops down.Image
channeling my inner dedalus and strolling

haha also re-enacting the weird trash ads

being able to visit these places definitely enriches the ulysses experience….super lucky and super blessed

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